Like a lot of ideas, HowNow was born in the middle of the night, when the scale of everything that is going WRONG with this PLANET got too much. 

This site is about the projects and groups tackling some of the planet's most pressing issues. They're doing it in energetic, super-inspiring ways, giving hope and demonstrating that change is possible, the planet can be saved, that suffering can be prevented. 

At the same time, the site is about taking action for ourselves. We do that not just by living more earth and more animal-friendly lives, but by challenging the corporations and the governments that are mucking it up. Social media has uncovered the sheer extent - and the brutality - of the abuse of our planet, its people and its animals. 

This is where the Resources section comes in, replete with practical tips but also, the means of building online (and offline) communities with people who share your values and concerns. Finally, there's information on how to reach out to the corporations, to let them know that we know - like never before - what they are doing and that we'd like them to change. Don't underestimate the power of your voice as an ordinary citizen.


How now, brown cow ...... a friendly beast to cheer us up.

My name is Bel Jacobs and I used to be fashion editor at Metro newspaper. For 13 years, I slipped in as much ethical content as I could, becoming one of the earliest mainstream fashion journalists to trumpet the fairtrade labels like People Tree, websites like Reve en Vert, designers like Katharine Hamnett. I still cover sustainable fashion on my blog beljacobs.com but I wanted to do more.