Create, don't consume this Christmas

@upcyclethat  turns empty glass bottles into beautiful hanging vases for holiday tables. Picture: MakeSmthngWeek.

@upcyclethat turns empty glass bottles into beautiful hanging vases for holiday tables. Picture: MakeSmthngWeek.


Ah, Christmas. The season of unfettered consumerism and small plastic toys to stuff stockings with.

Or maybe not. Running now till December 10th, Make Smthng Week is an international makers festival challenging us to make instead of buy, to create instead of consume. 

A result of a punchy collaboration between Greenpeace, Fashion Revolution, action network Shareable and hundreds of makers from around the world, Make Smthng Week invites people to MAKE SMTHNG, demonstrating a communal power to innovate towards a better way of life.

"[Consumerism] generates greater volumes of waste than ever,” says Chiara Campion, global project leader of Make Smthg Week. “This trend is harming our planet. We buy without thinking but the waste we create will sometimes last for centuries.”

“We have been tricked into thinking happiness comes from what we buy,” she adds. “When we know that true happiness comes from what we can create.” Too right.

Christmas tree was made by  @betty_knits . Picture: MakeSmthngWeek

Christmas tree was made by @betty_knits. Picture: MakeSmthngWeek

Eighty five events across five continents will teach people to repair, upcycle, share, DIY and reuse; in short, to make the most of what they already own. Recycled materials will be used wherever possible. Workshops and talks will teach easily applicable skills and share first-hand experiences and knowledge of makers with the public.

The week is also a chance to celebrate the makers already practising upcycling, swapping and making. “The maker movement is not only fun and engaging, it also plays an important role in developing new, sustainable ways of production and consumption,” says Tom Llewyn, Shareable’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.   

Every event will be co-created with these gentle activists: diverse local partners such as artists, chefs, designers, upcyclers, creatives, youtubers and bloggers, zero waste activists and maker spaces.

“It is incredibly exciting to join forces with Greenpeace for Make Smthg Week,” said Orsola de Castro, founder of Fashion Revolution. “Reintroducing creativity, crafts and emotions in our relationship with clothes is a brilliant way to take action. 

“We produce over 100 billion garments per year, and wear just a fraction of that. How much more stuff do we need? Time to care for the things we already own.”

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