Hogwood Pig Farm

Nearly 15,000 pigs continue to suffer horribly at Hogwood Farm, Warwickshire. Picture: Viva!

Nearly 15,000 pigs continue to suffer horribly at Hogwood Farm, Warwickshire. Picture: Viva!


Hogwood Farm in Warwickshire houses 15,000 pigs for sale to the meat industry. The conditions, filmed by animal welfare charity VIVA!, are reportedly horrific, a hellhole of filth, suffering and deprivation for animals known to be intelligent, playful and sensitive.

Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) visited the pig unit, saying that they had found no evidence of unnecessary suffering.

Nonethless, VIVA’s footage - there have now been two films - is compelling and awful. Campaigners and celebrities including Peter Egan are calling for the farm to be closed and for Tesco to stop buying meat, which is approved by Red Tractor, from the factory farm.

Viva’s petitions are now closed - 77,000 signed, asking for Hogwood to be dropped by Tesco/closed by the government - and they have been presented to Tesco and the government's APHA but the campaign continues. Please help. #HogwoodPigs.


Viva! Campaigns' second investigation of Hogwood pig farm, Warwickshire, reveals not only the widespread neglect and abuse of pigs, but also the failings of supermarket giant Tesco to prevent pain and suffering on an almost unimaginable scale. 

Once again, heart-breaking footage unveils abhorrent conditions that cannot be ignored - overcrowding, pigs covered in excreta, barren, filthy conditions, animals abandoned to die, and cannibalism. In difficult-to-watch scenes, one piglet who had been dumped in a gangway with other sick pigs, was being eaten alive by others. The same callous abandoning of animals in need was filmed during Viva! Campaigns first investigation inside Hogwood. 

Find out more here at www.viva.org.uk


Close down Hogwood Farm and to persuade Tesco to stop buying meat from farms that treat their animals so appallingly.


Tesco Customer Service, Baird Avenue, Dundee DD1 9NF. Tel: 0800 50 555 or Tel: 0330 123 4055. Twitter: @Tesco. Email: Customer services contact form 

Red Tractor Assurance, Europoint Centre, 5-11 Lavington St, London SE1 0NZ. Tel: 020 7630 3320. www.redtractor.org.uk. Twitter: @RedTractorFood. Email: enquiries@redtractor.org.uk .

Hogwood Pig Farm, Warwickshire. Farmer: Brian Hobill. No other details available.

Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). Tel: Defra Rural Services Helpline on 03000 200 301 and choose the relevant options for APHA. Twitter: @APHAgovuk




Twitter: @Tesco, stop using #HogwoodFarm as a supplier for #pigmeat. @RedTractorFood  is well known for approving appallingly low standards of #AnimalWelfare. #Pigs are intelligent and sensitive. Do something or all your other assurances feel empty. #hogwoodpigs #endfactoryfarming

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Dear President Masisi,

As a supporter of Humane Society International, I am reaching out today to ask that you keep the ban on trophy hunting in Botswana.

Many people across the globe, from animal advocates to wildlife conservationists, applauded the Botswanan government’s decision to ban trophy hunting. According to international trade data, the ban saved about 2,380 elephants and 140 leopards over the past five years it has been in effect. A reversal of the ban on trophy hunting could be disastrous for the country’s iconic wildlife species such as elephants, rhinos and leopards, which attract eco-tourists and nature lovers to the country.

Opening up trophy hunting would benefit wealthy hunters and hunting outfitters over Botswana’s local communities and beloved wildlife. Both elephants and local communities would benefit far more from the promotion of ecotourism and the implementation of science-based, humane human-wildlife conflict solutions over the senseless killing of wildlife for trophies.

I urge you to reject the advice of your subcommittee and keep the trophy hunting ban in place.

Kind regards,

Isobel Jacobs